Bonyad presentation

The Bonyad Fardaye Behtar Mazandaran (Mazandaran Better Tomorrow Foundation)’s aims

Due to the high statistics of social harms and the need of public awareness and information in this regard, the The Bonyad Fardaye Behtar Mazandaran was established on 27/04/2013 with registration number 866 and with the official permission of the Ministry of Interior (Mazandaran Governor’s Office) on 13/05/2013 is started to work

We know most of our social problems are formed in education and learning in different ages, so for a better future, the Bonyad’s activities based on education and awareness. These trainings are held in a specialized and general way, in urban areas, villages, in the form of conferences, seminars, workshops and various classes in the field of strengthening the foundation of the family, social harms. In this manner, our other activities are investigations in the basis of psychology and cultural such as making short subjects, showing and movie show and review, and holding celebrations and group and joyful visits of various centers such as nursing homes, the disabled nursing home, etc. in the province

Our organizational color is purple and our logo is a book as the symbol of awareness and education. The door on this book is a way to a better future by educating and informing to the society for a purpose of better life.

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